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Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Advances in Congress

Lawsuit Challenges Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Rule

Several states are suing to overturn an EEOC rule related to the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. The Department of Labor has updated the rules defining investment fiduciaries, while the IRS has raised the contribution limits for health savings accounts for 2025. Additionally, the Department of Labor has set out guidelines for employers and AI system developers.

The State of Leadership, Culture and Purpose in 2021

Federal Trade Commission Bans Noncompete Agreements

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) finalized a rule that will ban noncompete agreements from being included in employment agreements, several lawsuits have been filed challenging the rule. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued updated guidance on harassment in the workplace.

HR’s Role in an Integrated Performance Management Process

Future-Focused HR: Navigating Tech, Leadership, and Innovation

For International Human Resources Day, we’re exploring this year’s theme, HR Shaping the New Future, and four critical sub themes. Discover how HR professionals can navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology, leadership, and innovation to shape the future of work.

Wellington Champion

HRCI Champion Profile: Wellington Hepburn, MBA, SPHRi

Wellington Hepburn, MBA, SPHRi, exemplifies excellence in global training and HR development, utilizing over 25 years of international business and HR experience. Explore how HRCI certification and a dedication to professional development have helped shape his career.

Creating Fair Sales Compensation Plans

FLSA Overtime Exemption Threshold to Increase

The Department of Labor has issued a new rule increasing the salary basis threshold under the FLSA for executive, administrative, and professional employees. What does this mean for your organization?

How to Cultivate a Respectful and Inclusive Workplace

OSHA Rule Allows Representatives to Participate in Workplace Inspections

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a rule, effective on May 31st, that gives employees the right to authorize a representative to accompany OSHA staff during a workplace inspection. The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the use of forced arbitration in employment and consumer products.

Navigating Modern HR A Conversation With Lars Schmidt

In Conversation: HRCI, NASCAR, University of Louisville, and Yum! Brands on AI in HR

The University of Louisville College of Business Inaugural CHRO Roundtable recently discussed the implications of AI in HR. The panelists explored how HR teams can support the successful implementation of AI and how it will revolutionize all aspects of work.

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Senate Committee Considers Four Day Workweek

The Senate HELP committee discussed a bill for a 32-hour workweek, while the House committee approved a resolution against a Department of Labor rule for independent contractors. Senator Bernie Sanders introduced a bill for paid annual vacation leave for employees.

Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

Joint Employer Rule Blocked

A U.S. District Court has blocked the joint employer rule issued by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that was scheduled to take effect on March 11. What does this mean for employers and employees?

Adnan HRCI Champion

HRCI Champion Profile: Adnan Faheem, GPHR, SPHRi

HRCI Champion Adnan Faheem, GPHR, SPHRi, a longtime HRCI subject-matter expert and accomplished Human Resources and organizational development professional with experience in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, media, and healthcare. Learn more about his endeavors in HR and how he seeks to grow in the complex landscape of the modern workplace, including thoughts on remote work, mental health, and AI.

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The New HR: A Strategic Partner in Financial Success

Gone are the days when Human Resources (HR) was just a cost center responsible for administrative tasks like managing benefits and payroll. Today, HR is a multi-functional, cross-functional, deeply influential department that touches every stage of the employee lifecycle and impacts all aspects of an organization. Explore how HR impacts financial success by focusing on the employee experience and how this can be leveraged to ask for a seat at the table.


Hungry for HR: Insights from the World HR Summit in Azerbaijan

In February, Amy attended the World HR Summit in Azerbaijan which brought together HR professionals to discuss pressing issues impacting the industry. The event had 15 speakers and ended with the World HR Excellence Awards. The biggest lesson learned was that the world is hungry for HR, and Azerbaijan is a case study for global development.

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Courts Consider Independent Contractor and Joint Employer Rules

Dive into the newest developments in the HR industry, including upcoming rulings on independent contractor and joint employer rules, a bill that could block the FLSA salary basis threshold rule, and a new policy framework for paid family leave from a bipartisan group in the House of Representatives.

Traditional vs. Strategic HR: How to Guide Your Business into the Future

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

The modern workplace is no longer just about technical skills and hard data. This article delves into some of the intricacies of SEL in the workplace, highlighting its relevance to Human Resource (HR) professionals and exploring how they can champion its implementation for a thriving workforce.

Federal Agencies Focus on COVID Vaccines & Tests

Supreme Court Rules for Whistleblower

Retaliatory intent does not need to be demonstrated according to the United States Supreme Court when a whistleblower brings an action against an employer based on a violation of the Sarbanes Oxley Act.