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Recertification Provider Program

The HR Certification Institute (HRCI) Recertification Provider (RP) program is for organizations that offer HR-related training and education in accordance with HRCI Exam Content Outlines and standards. The program provides certified professionals with access to a wide range of relevant and up-to-date recertification programs that help them stay current in their HR field.

Learn How to Become a Provider How to Submit an Application

What Is a Recertification Provider?


Organizations with HR-themed continuous learning programs can become vital members of the HRCI community through the RP program, which offers approved events and programs ranging from webinars to conferences.

HRCI is committed to providing resources that help HR professionals grow and advance in their careers and organizations.

A Recertification Provider (RP) is an organization that offers quality public continuing education events/training that are pre-approved for HRCI recertification credits based on their alignment with HRCI Exam Content Outlines.

Some organizations may only want to offer conferences for recertification. In those cases, an organization may choose to join the Recertification Provider program as a Conference-Only Provider (CP).

Types of Recertification Providers

Recertification Provider

An organization that joins as a Recertification Provider (RP) can select participation cycles for 1, 2, or 3 years. Each cycle offers different benefits and controls that can be renewed at the end of each cycle.

As part of the RP network, organizations can submit a wide range of programs, including webinars, seminars, and online courses. Each RP receives one complimentary conference submission per year and can purchase additional conference submissions for $250 each. All submitted programs must align with at least one of the HRCI Exam Content Outline for the suite of HRCI credentials and adhere to HRCI policies and procedures

Conference-Only Provider

A Conference-Only Provider (CP) refers to an organization exclusively focused on developing and conducting conferences with concurrent programs. To participate in the RP program under the CP designation, organizations must adhere to HRCI policies and procedures and ensure their programs align with at least one HRCI Exam Content Outline.The fee for each conference is $250.

Recertification Provider Program

Pricing and Benefits

Benefits of the Recertification Provider Program


Becoming an HRCI Recertification Provider (RP) is an exciting opportunity that offers numerous benefits to your organization and your programs.

  • Display the HRCI RP seal to showcase your organization as part of HRCI’s prestigious network of continuing education institutions committed to advancing the HRCI community and the HR profession overall.
  • Amplify your reach by marketing your events and programs to a vast community of thousands of global HRCI-certified professionals actively seeking recertification credits to maintain their credentials.
  • Elevate your visibility by featuring your organization and events in HRCI’s dynamic, searchable directory—the go-to resource for HRCI-certified professionals seeking to fulfill their learning and development goals.
  • Gain exclusive access to the RP Toolkit, stocked with invaluable resources, insights, and information about RP requirements.

Join the RP Community: Ignite Growth and Success

Ready to reap the benefits? Joining the HRCI RP community begins with application submission. After your application is reviewed and approved, your organization will be listed in the HRCI Recertification Provider searchable directory. Additionally, your event will be included in the pre-approved activity listing providing details for each continuing education activity granted recertification credits.

Cost and Contract Options

Choose from one-, two-, or three-year contracts, with varying costs. Recertification Provider (RP) status includes unlimited program submissions and free conference submission annually.

The cost varies depending on your choice: $525 for one year, $1,000 for two years, or $1,425 for three years as an RP, which includes unlimited program submissions and one free conference submission annually. Conference-Only Provider (CP) option: If you prefer only to submit a conference for approval, the cost is $250 per conference.


Ready to Join?

To join as a Recertification Provider, complete the following:


  1. Enroll as an RP and gain instant access to a range of benefits.
  2. Designate a dedicated administrator for streamlined communication.
  3. Choose your cycle length–one, two, or three years–for flexibility and convenience.
  4. Showcase your HR-related programs to thousands of global HRCI-certified professionals by featuring the RP seal on your promotional materials.

To join as a Conference-Only provider, complete the following:


  1. Take the first step by creating your account and becoming part of the Conference Provider (CP) network.
  2. Submit your HR educational conferences and share your knowledge with HRCI-certified professionals worldwide.
  3. Once approved, proudly display the official CP seal, showcasing your commitment to offering quality educational programs.

Join the HRCI RP community today to ignite growth and success for your organization. With varying cost and contract options, becoming an HRCI Recertification Provider is a straightforward process that offers numerous benefits, including unlimited program submissions and free conference submission annually.


Get started and take advantage of this exciting opportunity today!