HR Leads Business

Nov 8, 2021 | Ruth Hartgen, PHR, Director of HR at HRCI

HR’s Role in an Integrated Performance Management Process

HR is a crucial partner to the business and drives value at all levels. Here’s how HR departments support an integrated performance management process.

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Nov 3, 2021 | Dave Meginley, aPHR, GPHR, HRCI Chief Revenue & Learning Officer

Traditional vs. Strategic HR: How to Guide Your Business into the Future

The divide between traditional vs. strategic HR can be the difference between successful businesses becoming complacent or raising the bar. Here’s why.

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Nov 2, 2021 | Neil Reichenberg, HRCI Contributing Writer

Vaccination Premium Discounts Approved

Three federal agencies have authorized providing employees as part of wellness programs with up to a 30% premium discount if they have been vaccinated for COVID-19.

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Oct 26, 2021 | Amy S. Dufrane, Ed.D., SPHR, CAE, CEO of HRCI

5 Ways to Improve Accessibility at Work

Designing a disability-inclusive workplace for individuals with disabilities is imperative. Here are 5 ways your HR team can improve accessibility at work.

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Oct 21, 2021 | Amy S. Dufrane, Ed.D., SPHR, CAE, CEO of HRCI

How Global HR Standards Are Developed

International HR standards have to apply to everyone. Here's how Workgroup 8 received global input to develop ISO 30415:2021 Human resource management — Diversity and inclusion.

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