Reflecting on the Top HR Learning Trends

2020 has been a year of rapid change for human resource professionals. To keep pace with these changes, we’ve had to adapt the way we learn. Microlearning, certifications and virtual platforms play an important role for HR leaders to have access to mobile-friendly options. 

HRCI offers affordable self-paced courses and certificate programs. HRCI also offers online courses to improve their skills, advance in their current positions, obtain a professional certificate or earn credits towards recertification. 

We also launched our Alchemizing HR webinar series. The series offers timely guidance on relevant topics such as diversity and inclusion, remote work, and workplace culture. 

HRCI designed our online testing options that are now available for our portfolio of certifications. You can test safely from your home or office. In most cases, once you register, you can schedule and take your exam and receive results within 48 hours. 

We asked a few HRCI-certified professionals to share their top HR learning trends for 2020. Here’s what they had to say. 

Experiential Learning

Joanne Walters

“We're learning by doing as HR leaders. This year’s teaching us that we need to reset, redirect and guide our organizations through establishing cultures that care about people.”  — Joanne Walters, SPHR, Director of HR, AAC-Air Ambulance Caribbean Inc./AeroMD

Video Messaging

Jennifer Loftus

“In the last six months, there’s been an interest in video. Don't send me an email outlining six things I need to do. Send me a one minute video. It's different, gets right to the point and catches my attention — especially in this world where we are so used to seeing TikTok videos and things on Twitter like that.” — Jennifer Loftus, SPHR, PHRca, GPHR, National Director, Astron Solutions

Virtual Learning

Neil Katz

“We've tapped into Zoom and started doing one hour sessions once a week on different learning topics rather than doing the full day of training in a classroom environment. It was an opportunity to impact a greater number of people in a multitude of timezones.” — Neil Katz, SPHR,
Executive Coach, NAK People Solutions


Suzi Lemen

“Most HR functions are very overburdened right now. There’s a thirst for knowledge, but they don’t have the time. The more that we can do to provide knowledge in small doses in a convenient way, the more it’s going to help HR. Anything we can do to make HR more knowledgeable is going to benefit the organization as a whole.” — Suzi Lemen, SPHR, CEO and President, Dynamic Corporate Solutions