HRCI Certifications Enhanced Shannon Bowie’s Military Career

U.S. Army Retired CW4 (Chief Warrant Officer Four) Shannon Bowie, aPHR, PHR joined the U.S. Army in 1994 and chose the position of Human Resources Specialist (HR SPC).

While in the military, she served in a variety of Human Resources roles and work experiences. Throughout her military career, Bowie availed herself all opportunities to enrich her knowledge and gain additional skills that can be transferred into a civilian role.

“I earned various awards during my military career for accomplishments and performing my duties above and beyond the normal requirements such as the Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal and Army Achievement Medal, says Bowie.” Additionally, Bowie was recognized by the US Army Adjutant General Corp and awarded the Major General Horatio Gates Bronze Medal (2015) and the Major General Horatio Gates Gold Medal (2017). 

HRCI Certification Journey

When discussing professional certification, Bowie credits her success to her commitment to the HR profession. Earning the aPHR and PHR was not an easy task. Despite the initial hurdles, she successfully passed the aPHR and soon thereafter, the PHR after she retired. This was a long-time goal that I was able to accomplish thanks to different influences from my family, colleagues and mentors.  

“Certification will no doubt help others in their profession and in future promotions, more importantly, it is what is learned during the certification course that will really pay off for the HR professional in their field, adds Bowie.”

Professional Career

While serving in the military as an HR Technician, she truly believed that she had a firm grasp of all that is involved in area of human resources. It wasn’t until she started preparing for the HRCI certification programs that she realized the differences between military and civilian HR practices.

After retiring from the military, she moved into a Federal government position for the U.S. Army.

“Earning my HRCI certifications made it clear to me how essential it is when practicing HR in any type of organization. Bowie added that one of the key takeaways is to always treat others the way you want to be treated and to find balance between family, work and self-care.”

Looking Forward to 2022

Bowie shares her 2022 HR hot topic outlook where she believes that recruiting and retaining current employees will be an essential focus. This is evident in the “great resignation” and the resulting “want ads” that are prolific in all industries. Some organizations are creatively sweetening their job offers to incentivize new recruits while maintaining current talent.

On a personal level, Bowie and her spouse, who is also a retired U.S. Army and HR Professional, enjoy spending time with their children and volunteering in their local community. In her spare time, they attend sporting events, watch movies, travel and spend time around family.