Top Tips for Successful Online Exam Delivery

On May 1, 2020, HRCI launched live remote proctored exams via OnVUE to bring the convenience of testing to your home or office.

As with any new technology, we are learning and adapting to the process and service to ensure you have the best online testing experience when taking your aPHR®, PHR®, SPHR®, GPHR®, or PHRca® exam.

Here are some useful tips to facilitate the HRCI exam process:

  1. Use your personal computer

    Use your personal computer instead of your work computer. Laptops or other devices issued by your employer often come with firewalls or other security software that can prevent OnVUE from successfully downloading and delivering your HRCI exam. If you must use your work computer, talk to your IT team first to let them know you’ll be downloading OnVUE and get their assistance navigating firewalls.

  2. Disable pop-ups and close all programs/applications

    Background apps, programs and pop-up notifications can interfere with exam delivery. Become familiar with Task Manager app and learn how to close all open apps and programs before you begin your OnVUE exam.

  3. Use a hardwired option

    We’re all used to operating on wireless networks, but you will have more stability if you are able to hardwire your computer via an ethernet cable, rather than using a wireless network.

  4. Update your operating system

    You can read the system requirements and run a system test any time before you schedule or take your exam. Your computer system must comply with the minimum technical requirements.

  5. Limit your Household Internet Usage 

    With so many people working remotely and using multiple devices, your internet bandwidth might experience intermittent disruptions and your online exam could freeze. This can also prevent you from having a live chat with your OnVUE exam proctor.

OnVUE testing is available 24/7/365; we encourage you to consider taking the exam early in the morning or later at night when internet usage might be lower.

We are excited to offer online testing for the flexibility and convenience it offers and hope these tips will help you feel confident on test day. If you have questions or want more information about remote proctored exam delivery, please visit our online testing page where you will find a detailed FAQ document and links to additional resources.