Registration for New aPHR™ Certification Opens Soon

April 1 will be an exciting day for the HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) and the field of human resource management. Registration will open for HRCI’s new credential, theaPHR logo Association Professional in Human Resources™ (aPHR™).

Participation in the aPHR pilot program, which closes on March 31, has been extremely well received. That’s because the aPHR fills a void, providing those who are just embarking on an HR career with a meaningful career stepping stone.

Why the aPHR?

Starting a new career is difficult. The aPHR puts the next generation of HR leaders on the right track to success. It is the perfect launching pad for emphasizing the importance of continuous learning in this ever-changing field. The aPHR also sets the stage for professional growth and staying on track to earn HRCI’s more advanced credentials such as the Professional in Human Resources® (PHR®) and the Senior Professional in Human Resources® (SPHR®). 

Support has come from all corners. Academicians say the aPHR is significant for recent graduates who have an interest in the HR field. HRCI has also received rave reviews from military personnel who want to transition into civilian HR roles. Of course, the aPHR is a perfect HR certification entry point for other professionals looking to change careers and join the HR community. We’ve even heard from line managers who want to learn more about the HR function and demonstrate the all-important understanding of people management skills with the certification. 

Unlike HRCI’s other credentials, which measure both knowledge and practice-based experience, the aPHR’s focus is on knowledge. But it is HRCI’s hope that the aPHR is the beginning of many real-world HR experiences, which can later be credited for earning HRCI’s more advanced certifications.

Reputable entry-level certifications have long been a staple of the IT world, giving employers confidence that the people they hire know what they are doing and are committed to helping an organization succeed with their expertise. The aPHR is long overdue for new HR professionals who want to demonstrate knowledge, commitment and passion for the HR practice.

Get aPHR Certified

Interested in the aPHR? Know of someone who may be interested? More information can be found on HRCI’s aPHR pilot program page, including a list of resources to prepare for the exam.

Regular registration for the aPHR opens April 1, 2016. The regular testing period for this certification begins November 1, 2016.

If you’re new to HR and want to get on the right foot, the time to act is now.