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Preparing for exams can be overwhelming, especially when you don't know where to start. Fortunately, there are several options available that can assist you in the preparation of your PHRca exam. There is no single preparation method that can meet every candidate's needs and we urge you to use a variety of tools and resources to enhance your understanding of general HR principles and HR exam content.

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Bundle Information

HRCI has packaged together an assortment of self-study exam preparation options – bundles to help you save time and money!

Application Fee: $100 (application fee is non-refundable)
Exam Fee: $395
PHRca Second Chance Test Insurance by HRCI (optional): $250

Product Name Format Price Bundled Price
The HRCI PHRca Cert Prep course provides a comprehensive package to help you prepare for the PHRca Certification Exam. This course contains videos, full-length practice exams, flash cards, and interactive games to keep you engaged while you prepare. The course is available on-demand, so you can prepare at your own pace. HRCI offers a "pass or your money back" guarantee for this course, as long as all content is completed prior to your exam date.
Go into your HRCI Certification Exam prepared and confident! HRCI Practice Exams enable you to get comfortable with the pace and challenge of HRCI exams. Test your PHRca knowledge and exam-taking proficiency with the PHRca Timed Practice Exam, with 50 timed practice questions and an analysis of your scores and performance in each HR content area. Reset and retake the timed exam as many times as you'd like. Access is granted for 180 days. Final purchases is non-refundable.
Practice Exams by HRCI are smart and stress-free ways to get comfortable with the test-taking format and learn about your strengths and weaknesses. Test your PHRca knowledge with the PHRca Untimed Practice Exam, allowing you to put your HR knowledge to the test with 30 untimed exam questions. The PHRca Practice Exam provides detailed rationales of the correct and incorrect answers. Reset and retake the PHRca Practice Exam as many times as you'd like. Access is granted for 180 days. Final purchase is non-refundable.
PHRca Timed and Untimed Practice Exam Bundle is the choice for credential candidates who want to test their HR knowledge under time pressure as well as have the option to explore questions and answers in more detail with untimed exam practice. This bundle option comes with both the PHRca Timed Practice Exam, including 50 timed practice questions and an analysis of your scores and performance in each HR content area, and the PHRca Untimed Practice Exam, with 30 untimed questions to give you deeper insight on the rationales of correct and incorrect answers. Access is granted for 180 days. Final purchase is non-refundable.
Not knowing California HR is a danger to your employer and to your career. Costly mistakes have been made by HR practitioners who thought they knew Human Resources because they had a federal certification only to discover things are vastly different in California. California labor laws are ever changing thus causing California Human Resources practitioners to need to stay on top of California labor laws and best practices. Whether you work in California or not, if you have employees in California, you need California certification. The PHRca ® Exam Preparation program includes the 5 PHRca® Exam functional areas.

01 | Compensation/Wage and Hour
02 | Employment Lifecycle and Employee Relations
03 | Leaves of Absence and Benefits
04 | Health, Safety, and Workers’ Compensation
05 | Compliance and Risk Management
The PHRca® Independent Self-Paced Study Course by CalHRSuccess gives you twelve hours of a recorded PowerPoint (PPT) presentation, your own discounted copy of the 367 page, soft-bound California Chamber of Commerce publication, "2020 HR Quick Guide for California Employers," 2 practice exams, flashcards, and finally, a copy of additional study information in the form of over 40 documents with California-specific compliance information for your reference. All of this information is provided for your convenient use whenever and wherever you wish and the Quick Guide Soft-bound book.

Keep in mind that you may only build your own bundle at the time of your exam application.


We encourage prospective candidates to use a variety of resources that reflect their learning styles and needs. Purchasing an optional certification preparation product is NOT required. Likewise, HRCI does not guarantee an individual will pass based on the purchase of any optional certification preparation product that might correspond with the exam type selected.