What is Second Chance Insurance?

Second Chance Insurance (SCI) allows a candidate to pre-purchase the opportunity to retake the same exam type a second time if the candidate is unsuccessful the first attempt. The retake exam may not be changed to a different of exam type. The insurance must be purchased at the same time the exam application is submitted online. The insurance is an optional product and cannot be purchased separately. A candidate who is unsuccessful will receive an e-mail notification from HRCI and then may schedule a retake exam appointment beginning 90 calendar days from their previous exam date. Candidates using SCI will have 180 calendar days to schedule and retake the same exam type once the SCI exam application has been automatically set up. The cost for SCI is $250 USD and is a pre-paid and non-refundable fee. If a candidate purchases the SCI and does not utilize, the candidate may not request a refund for the SCI.