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HR Professionals: How to Become a Strategic Positioner

The demand for more business value from human resource management professionals includes greater emphasis on HR initiatives that drive customer, shareholder and other stakeholder goals. In addition to talent management imperatives, HR must be viewed as "Strategic Positioner" across organizational objectives, say researchers of a comprehensive study on HR competencies, detailed in a new book, Victory Through Organization.

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Hire Fast, Not Slow, to Master the Talent War

If your company’s talent management strategy is still based on the oft-repeated adage: “Hire slow, fire fast,” your organization may be losing out in the war for top talent. Human resource and hiring managers must adopt new rules and more efficient strategies to attract and retain the best employees, says Scott Wintrip, the author of High Velocity Hiring and the featured speaker in a new HR Certification Institute webinar, Mastering the Changing Rules in the War for Top Talent.

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