Resource Library - Forms

A collection of important HRCI® forms to help you provide feedback and make special requests and provide other additional information to HRCI.

  • Certification Program Feedback Form

    Use this form if you have feedback regarding the exam application process, your testing experience or other feedback about your certification experience.

     Certification Program Feedback Form
  • Complaint and Disciplinary Form

    If you believe there has been a code of ethics violation, use this form to report it.

     Complaint and Disciplinary Form
  • Emeritus Status Application Form

    Emeritus status allows currently certified HR professionals whose status is "Member Active" to continue to use their designation(s) after they retire from the HR profession without having to recertify again in the future.

     Emeritus Status Application Form
  • Exam Audit Form

    If you are a certification candidate and you've been selected for an exam audit, use this form to validate your eligibility.

     Exam Audit Form
  • Exam Eligibility Extension Form

    Use this form if you are unable to sit for an exam within the original 180 calendar day eligibility period.

     Exam Eligibility Extension Form
  • Name Change Request Form

    Use this form to request a change to your legal name.

     Name Change Request Form
  • Recertification Fee Payment Form

    Use this form to accompany your recertification fee payment.

     Recertification Fee Payment Form
  • Request for Reconsideration Form

    Use this form to appeal an adverse, non-disciplinary decision made as part of the exam eligibility, exam testing and recertification process.

     Request for Reconsideration Form
  • Special Testing Accommodations

    Complete this form is you are a candidate with special testing accommodation needs.

     Special Testing Accommodation Form