Individual Recertification

Recertify by Provider

When recertifying through an HRCI Provider, please make sure to:

  1. Note the Activity ID number (e.g. 012345), also known as a Program Code or Recertification Credit.
  2. Submit the Activity ID (e.g. 012345) into your account in order to receive credit for completing an activity.

Effective January 2021, all certificants are required to fulfill one ethics credit during their three-year recertification cycle. This one ethics credit is included in the required 45/60 recertification credits requirement.


Webinars/Webcasts Recertification Instructions

  1. Click on the webcast thumbnail image, or link, that you wish to watch.
  2. When the webcast page loads, click play too begin viewing the presentation.
  3. Make sure to capture and save a screenshot of your desktop before you close out the webcast. This screenshot image can be used as documentation for completing the activity, as you will not receive any official documentation from HRCI. 
  4. Please note the Activity ID number.

- Depending on the provider, this number may be found either near the end of the presentation, at the end of the presentation, or in the webcast description. 

- If you are unable to find the activity ID, you can still report the activity in Self-Directed Learning Category. 

      5. Log in to your account and add the Activity ID number to your profile, along with your screenshot documentation.