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Dr. Bobby Low

Dr. Bobby Low is a human performance psychologist who loves writing, speaking, and teaching people how to apply principles of psychology to become high performers. Over the years, Dr. Low has spent his time conducting research and consulting with leaders, teams, and individuals on how to perform their best at work. Currently at Motivosity, he spends his time applying the very best science from human motivation to the technology that they build. This technology is engineered to help managers be more effective leaders and help employees be more motivated and happier at work. Additionally, Dr. Low leads Motivosity’s research that illustrates the proven behaviors that organizations, teams, and leaders can do to build positive cultures that improve employee relationships, retention, and productivity. After retiring as a professional pole vaulter, he traded running shoes for a set of golf clubs. His favorite pastime is hunting for lost golf balls in the woods with a Mountain Dew in hand.