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Jul 1, 2020 | HRCI Team

Build Your California Knowledge by Earning an HRCI PHRca Certification

The Professional in Human Resources – California® (PHRca®) certification is a key program for HR professionals to demonstrate that they have mastered the laws, regulations and HR management practices that are unique to the state of California. HRCI is excited to introduce several updates and changes to the PHRca certification.

Online PHRca Exam Availability

Earlier this spring, HRCI expanded our partnership with Pearson VUE, using OnVUE, a state-of-the-art technology, in combination with live monitoring, to ensure that HRCI exams are protected and secure to offer online exam delivery for several certification exams from the comfort of their home or office. 

HRCI is currently using the OnVUE platform to deliver online testing for U.S. and Canadian residents for the following certifications: Associate Professional in Human Resources® (aPHR®), Professional in Human Resources® (PHR®), Senior Professional in Human Resources® (SPHR®) and Global Professional in Human Resources® (GPHR®) exams.

Beginning on July 1, 2020, we are excited to add the PHRca exam to the list of eligible certifications are available via online testing.  

“HR in California is ever-changing and presents its own set of opportunities. HRCI and the PHRca exam continue to evolve and keep pace with the everchanging HR requirements. By introducing the new PHRca exam content outline and expanding our online testing, HRCI offers an alternative exam option while testing centers are unavailable worldwide,” says Amy Dufrane, Ed.D., SPHR, CAE, HRCI CEO.

Refreshed Exam Content Outline

The foundation of every HRCI certification program is the exam content outline (ECO). The recent practice analysis conducted an extensive review that involved subject matter experts and a validation survey. This resulted in a revised ECO that will be effective on January 1, 2021.

The PHRca ECO will reflect the ever-changing and unique differences of practicing HR in California HR versus the rest of the United States.  An additional section of Compliance and Risk Management was added.  This is an all-encompassing topic since it such a critical part of practicing HR in California. By creating this stand-alone domain, HRCI emphasizes the need to distinguish it from the rest of the requirements in the PHRca program. 

In addition, we now deploy integrated task statements, rather than having separate statements for responsibilities and knowledge. 

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