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What is Recertification?

What is continuing competence? The ability to provide service at specified levels of knowledge and skill, not only at the time of initial certification but throughout an individual’s professional career. [Certification:The ICE Handbook]
HR Certification Institute’s Recertification Program has been designed to contribute to the continuing competence of certified HR professionals. To maintain certification, you must be prepared to continue to learn, grow and increase your current knowledge. With recertification, you are demonstrating your commitment to staying current in the field of Human Resources. Recertification says you are building upon your knowledge, growing as a professional and increasing you experience daily.

Recertification is required between three years from the effective date of a candidate’s certification and every three years thereafter. HR certification is a voluntary achievement and not a legal requirement to practice. The recertification period of three years was selected by considering the speed of change within the HR profession and the amount of time an HR professional should devote to keeping up‐to date with these changes. They may do this by either retaking the exam, or by providing evidence that they are continuing to keep their knowledge current through professional development activities. (See the HRCI Recertification Handbook for details on how individuals may satisfy these requirements).

The practice of HR has evolved dramatically over time and continues to evolve to address business needs, best practices and the impact of technology, demographic and cultural changes. Achieving certification from the HR Certification Institute is a long-term commitment to yourself, your career and the HR profession. 

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Recertification Handbook
Any question you have about recertification is answered  in our Recertification Handbook. You will find information on when to recertify, what type of activities count towards recertification, and how to apply before your recertification end date.