Emeritus Status

HRCI Emeritus status allows currently certified HR professionals whose status is Member-Active to continue to use their designation(s) after they retire from the HR profession without having to recertify.

Please consider the emeritus status carefully before you request. HRCI Certified professionals awarded the Emeritus Status who later decide to re-enter the HR profession will have the Emeritus status removed and will have to retake the qualifying HRCI exam.

Any aPHR, aPHRi, PHR, PHRca, PHRi, SPHR, SPHRi, and GPHR-certified HR professionals, whose status is Member-Active, may request Emeritus status if they are:

  • age 60 or older and are retiring from the HR profession,
  • retiring from work that includes consulting, private and public-sector HR work, and/or lecturing part-time at a college or university.

Those who plan to continue doing part-time HR work, perhaps as a consultant or as a lecturer are neither considered retired nor eligible for the Emeritus status.

To request and use the Emeritus status, please follow these steps:

  • Create and send a letter of intent to retire with your name; email address; designation(s); certification cycle(s); the name of your organization; and the date you plan to retire (please include proof of your age (copy of your driver's license or passport) to HRCI at, certdirector@hrci.org;
  • Pay the one-time processing fee of 150 USD that includes an Emeritus designation certificate that is sent using tracked delivery. Payment can be made via Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards or with a check payable to "HR Certification Institute";
  • Update your credentials on social media profiles and professional papers. Anyone granted Emeritus status must use the word "Emeritus" in conjunction with their designation. For example, if you hold the PHR designation, you would use "PHR Emeritus" in any communication that includes the designation. HRCI will issue a new digital badge for Emeritus status.

Recertification Fee Payment Form