Specified Credit

To maintain your PHRca®, SPHR®, GPHR®and/or SPHRi™ credentials from HRCI®, you must demonstrate competencies that fall outside of the traditional human resources function. You can do this by completing recertification activities that are directly related to specific sections of their credential’s Exam Content Outline, also known as earning specified credits.

Business Credits: SPHR- or SPHRi-Certified

If you hold an SPHRi or SPHR designation, at least 15 of the 60 hours you earn must add to your knowledge of your organization and how it operates.

Refer to the “Leadership and Strategy” area of the SPHR Exam Content Outline   or the “Business Leadership” functional area of the SPHRi Exam Content Outline for the types of activities that meet this requirement. Programs that have been pre-approved for business credit have met this requirement.

NOTE: If you hold both the SPHR and SPHRi credentials concurrently, you only have to meet the 15 business hours requirement a single time to satisfy the specified credit requirement.

Global Credits: GPHR-CERTIFIED

If you hold a GPHR designation, 15 hours of the required 60 recertification credit hours must be in Global HR Management. HR Certification Institute defines Global HR Management as an activity that can be tied directly to a section of the GPHR Exam Content Outline.

California Credits: PHRca CERTIFIED

If you have a PHRca designation, 15 hours of the required 60 recertification credit hours must be California specific activities, as defined by the PHRca Exam Content Outline.

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*Effective January 2021, all certificants are required to fulfill one ethics credit during their three-year recertification cycle. This one ethics credit is included in the required 45/60 recertification credits requirement.