Defining HR-Related

To determine whether the activity you participated in might qualify for recertification credit from HRCI®, look for a “yes” answer to these questions:

  • Can I connect the activity to one of the responsibility or knowledge statements found in the HRCI Exam Content Outline for my certification?
  • Will the activity add to my knowledge of the HR profession?
  • Does the activity focus on my professional development rather than my personal development? (For example, topics such as How to Reduce Stress, Developing Your Network for Success and Personal Dynamics do not qualify.)

When you apply for recertification, you will need to describe how each activity you have completed is related to the HR profession. If HRCI cannot tell whether a listed activity is HR-related, you will be asked to provide more details. This will delay the review process. To avoid potential delays, always include a description of the completed activities.