Add to Your Portfolio

It may be time for an additional HRCI credential

HRCI® has a suite of eight HR credentials, each one reflecting different levels of HR mastery. As you evolve as an HR professional, HRCI has the credential that fits your needs and career aspirations. Are you ready to bolster your career with an additional HRCI certification?

Here are five factors to consider:

  • Has your HR role changed since you received your current credential?
  • Do you anticipate your HR role changing in the future?
  • Have you continued your education and earned a degree?
  • Have you moved to a different state or country?
  • Has your organization expanded or gone global?

Remember, growing your HRCI certification portfolio doesn’t necessarily mean increasing the number of credit hours you need to earn to maintain your certifications. Review the Recertification Handbook to learn about multiple designation policies.

Reap the Many Rewards of Certification

As an HRCI credential holder, you benefit by gaining a greater competitive edge in the job market and adding value to your organization:

An Even Better You

HRCI credential holders have greater potential for higher-level positions, are more likely to be promoted and have higher annual income and ongoing income growth than peers without an HRCI certification, according to a survey by HumRRO. Certification is an investment in your career and adding a relevant credential to your portfolio could be the key to advancing in human resources and the business world.

A Better Organization

Did you know that another study showed that of nearly 100 global organizations with more than five HRCI credential holders on staff outperformed other organizations on stock price, revenue and Glassdoor ratings? Today’s companies understand the value of certification. Having advanced or specialized HR credentials throughout an HR staff means added ROI for businesses.

Additional Resources for Adding a Credential

Learn more about adding an HRCI certification: