Srikant “Sri” Chellappa
CEO/Co-Founder | Engagedly and #FutureOfWork expert

Srikant “Sri” Chellappa

Sri Chellappa is the President and Co-Founder of Engagedly, an employee experience and performance management software that uses AI to redefine performance and development for the Hybrid Workforce. 

A passionate entrepreneur and leader in building high-performance organizations that care about their people, Sri brings over 20 years of experience in leading organizations in software development and consulting in the U.S to his current role. Having developed an extensive amount of experience from managing teams in his previous roles at Emids, EY and Capgemini, Sri understands the value of investing in employees and the overall impact it not only has on their individual performance but the success of the company. As a result, he continues to use his leadership skills to make influential decisions that will impact employees, helping them to stay engaged and develop the talent that they need to succeed and advance in their careers. 

With a unique background in technology, people management, health IT and film writing, directing and production, Sri brings a diverse set of experiences across industries and specialties to build highly engaged organizations. 

Sri was previously a Senior Executive of a 3000+ member global organization with teams in cities around the world. He has authored a book: The Black Book of Agile Project Delivery with Distributed Teams and has written, directed and produced 6 Feature Films distributed theatrically and via Netflix, NBCUniversal, Fox International, Showtime, Amazon Prime, Sky and more. 

Sri is currently working on his second book “An Ikigai Workplace” which is expected to hit the shelves in late 2023.