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The Many Benefits of Certification

HR professionals aren’t the only ones who benefit from earning HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) credentials. The power of HRCI certification grows―and can add value to your organization―with each credentialed HR professional you add to your HR team!

New research, Emerging Evidence: Business Performance and the Validation of HR Best Practices, finds that companies with more than five HR professionals with HRCI credentials outperformed other companies with:

  • Stronger stock market performance.
  • Faster revenue growth.
  • Better employer branding ratings on Glassdoor.

Isn’t it time for your organization to get results like this?

Perhaps your business isn’t publicly traded. Perhaps you are responsible for HR at a university, an association or a nonprofit, government body or branch of the military. Whatever your organizational goals, it’s people who will drive results. And these latest findings indicate that people and companies respond favorably when they are led by the best HR leaders in the world.

It’s results like these that make HRCI-certified leaders the most respected HR generalists in the field. By earning HRCI credentials, they have rigorously demonstrated HR knowledge and practice-based experience. HRCI certification holders maintain this edge by renewing their certifications every three years through pre-approved continuous learning programs. This is a great way to make sure your organization’s HR leaders stay on top of the latest trends in this evolving discipline.

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Special Group Packages Are Available to Organizations

Not only can your organization benefit from having more HRCI-certified professionals on the team, you can also benefit from custom packages and options. This includes:

  • For businesses and organizations: group packages for certifying HR staff.
  • For universities: group packages for certifying HR staff and students.
  • For military personnel and veterans: group packages for HR staff members who are serving or for those who have completed service and are in transition.
  • For all: Discounts on select practice exams, preparation materials, instructor-led courses, self-study programs and more!

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