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With customized group packages from HRCI® you can elevate your HR department’s abilities to create a competitive edge in today’s modern business landscape.

Group certification from HRCI® provides noticeable benefits that impact your entire organization. It raises the performance standards of your company by ensuring that your HR staff is prepared to masterfully oversee all aspects of HR that are increasingly critical to a company’s success.

Benefits of an HRCI-certified HR department:

  • Minimize exposure to corporate risk
  • Certification demonstrates that HR has the skills to develop talent recruitment and retention strategies
  • Create a strong, positive company culture

HRCI is the gold standard of certifications for the HR profession, setting the bar for excellence around the globe. With 500,000+ credential holders in over 100 countries and in 85% of Fortune 500 companies, HRCI certifications are key to advancing the strategic value of HR in your organization.

Special Group Packages Are Available to Organizations

Not only can your organization benefit from having more HRCI-certified professionals on the team, you can also benefit from custom packages and options. This includes group packages for certifying HR staff and discounts on select practice exams, preparation materials, instructor-led courses, self-study programs and more.

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