A New Era, A New Model



The model has two primary applications: first, as the foundation framework for HRCI certification assessments and second, as a guideline for learning material providers who create content that supports individuals preparing to take on the challenge of one of HRCI’s certification exams.



The HRCI Capability Model targets and benefits:

  • Business Leaders: seeking a more up-to-date, dynamic, outcomes-based model of HR
  • HR Practitioners: seeking a relevant and appropriate level of career developmental guidance
  • Academics:  seeking a more industry-focused, agile framework of HR professional practice
  • People Managers: seeking to identify and develop core HR skills that are most impactful, and
  • Workforce: by emphasizing the unique role people hold in creating organizational value


The HRCI Capability Model enables:

  • an HR generalist to view applicable levels of practice regardless of organization’s size
  • a shift to a more balanced, proactive categorization of HRCI’s process-dominated functional areas into more of a core knowledge and capability domains all converging upon stakeholder outcomes
  • better alignment of practitioner competencies with organizational capabilities
  • consolidation of a single core ‘backbone’ model of HR which can become the basis for all of HRCI’s certifications and related learning interventions
  • separation between universal HR knowledge and practices from compliance
  • superior modularization to develop products/services in micro, stacking
  • calibration of the ratio of knowledge-to-capability exam items based upon the level of certification
  • formatting that is explicitly designed to enhance marketing of any supporting learning materials
  • a focus on the stakeholder-experience which potentially surpasses competitors’ models that only emphasize individual competencies or organizational capabilities

Exam Calibration: Career Level Weighting

Each knowledge or capability domain would subsequently consist of an allocation of items from the respective nine (9) domains for that specific knowledge or capability area.

An illustrative example below demonstrates a progression of emphasis on application or capability the more senior the credential.


The HRCI Capability Model


While HR's job description may be defined by its clients...

...HR's purpose and mission is realized by the unique individuals who choose to professionally execute that job description.