Exam Day Tips

Being prepared is the best way to make your exam day go as smoothly as possible. Here are some valuable tips and resources from HRCI® to help you feel more confident about your exam.

Know Before You Go

PlanRoute_icon If taking the exam in-person, plan your route to the testing center to arrive early.

TechnicalRequirements_icon If taking the exam online, please be sure to test your system and ensure it complies                  with all of the technical requirements.

PoliciesProcedures_icon Read HRCI’s Certification Policies and Procedures Handbook to ensure you are                      aware of all applicable processes and requirements.

WatchVideo_icon For more details about exam day check-in, please watch the video below, What to Expect on Exam Day. For more details about exam day check-in for online proctored exams, please watch the OnVUE Testing Experience video.

EmergencyClosures_icon Check the Pearson VUE website for emergency closures and Pearson VUE contact information.

Arriving on Exam Day

ValidID_icon Be prepared to present a government-issued, non-expired form of photo ID, such as a passport or driver's license.

TestingEnvironment_icon If taking the exam online, verify that your testing environment adheres to the policies and procedures required by OnVUE.