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Go into your HRCI certification exam prepared and confident! HRCI Practice Exams enable you to get comfortable with the pace and challenge of HRCI's exams. HRCI Practice Exams – now available for all exams – provide instant feedback on HR strengths and areas of practice where you need further study or improvement.

HRCI is proud to offer three different Practice Exam offerings:

  • Exam Mode: Take a timed exam and, upon completion, receive your individual score report, providing you with performance insight for each content area of the exam.
  • Practice Mode: Take a non-timed exam, where – at your own pace – you can focus on questions and areas of weakness, and receive explanations about the correct answers.
  • Exam and Practice Bundle: Can't decide which options will be the best for you? The Exam and Practice Bundle gives you access to both options. First, take a timed exam and then turn to Practice Mode for further exam practice and a detailed view for correct answer rationales.

*Please note that HRCI is in the process of updating all of our Practice Exams over the next several months. Going forward, "exam mode" will be replaced with "timed mode"; and "practice mode" will be replaced with "untimed mode." We are excited to share these new updates with you! The first practice exam that will be updated is the SPHRi.  In the future, as we update the rest of our products in this section, we will clearly mark them as "New!" to help avoid any confusion.

Choose Your HRCI Practice Exam

Note: HRCI Practice Exams can also be purchased as part of a Build Your Own Bundle. Learn more about cost-saving bundles from HRCI. Once you access the practice exams, you have up to 180 days to use it repeatedly by erasing the answers.

Example: The code is redeemed on 10/7/2017. It remains valid until 4/3/2018. Afterwards, the login/access is invalidated.

aPHR Products Offered

aPHR Practice Exam by HRCI (only one version)$50

PHR Products Offered

PHR v1 Practice Exam by HRCI $50
PHR v2 Practice Exam HRCI $50
PHR v1 & v2 Practice Exam by HRCI$80

PHRca Products Offered

PHRca Untimed Practice Exam by HRCI $85
PHRca Timed Practice Exam by HRCI $85
PHRca Untimed & Timed Bundled Practice Exam by HRCI $150

PHRi Products Offered

PHRi Untimed Practice Exam by HRCI $85
PHRi Timed Practice Exam by HRCI$85
PHRi Untimed and Timed Bundled Practice Exam by HRCI$150

SPHR Products Offered

SPHR v1 Practice Exam by HRCI $50
SPHR v2 Practice Exam by HRCI$50
SPHR v1 & v2 Practice Exam by HRCI$80

PHR/SPHR Package Product Offered

PHR/SPHR Package Practice Exam by HRCI (only one version)$80

SPHRi Products Offered

SPHRi Untimed Practice Exam by HRCI$85
SPHRi Timed Practice Exam by HRCI$85
SPHRi Untimed and Timed Bundled Practice Exam by HRCI$150

GPHR Products Offered

GPHR Untimed Practice Exam by HRCI $85
GPHR Timed Practice Exam by HRCI $85
GPHR Untimed and Timed Bundled Practice Exam by HRCI$150

Attention PHR, SPHR Candidates!

If you are a certification candidate who’s interested in earning PHR or SPHR credentials, you have the option to purchase two completely different versions of practice exams. A good strategy is to purchase both exams at a discount. Take one of the HRCI Practice Exams at the beginning of your study to explore initial areas of strength and weakness; take the second practice exam to see how much you’ve progressed after further study!

Be Prepared and Confident

HRCI Practice Exams are a low-cost way to begin your certification studies. You can save even more money when you purchase an HRCI Practice Exam as part of a Build Your Own Bundle package – combining exam application with other self-paced certification preparation tools offered by HRCI partner organizations.

HRCI Practice Exams are the only practice tests where you will find retired questions from past HRCI exams. No other preparation organization offers this tool!

Build Your Own Bundle

Disclaimer: HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) does not endorse any particular preparation program or offering. We encourage prospective certification holders to use a variety of resources that reflect their learning styles and needs. Purchasing a certification product is NOT required and HRCI does not guarantee that an individual will pass based on the purchase of a certification preparation product.”