Create A Study Plan

HRCI® provides you with many tips and resources to make your exam experience as successful as possible.

Keep in mind that there is no single exam preparation method that works best for everyone. In fact, certification holders tell HRCI that they are most successful when they use multiple study options. They also say that taking time to create a study plan and schedule are critical.

Keys to your success include:

  • Understanding that all HRCI exams are derived from generally accepted HR principles.
  • Knowing where your HR knowledge and competency gaps exist. A number of exam preparation resources are available for your convenience. Build Your Own Bundle (BYOB) options are available to help you save time and money, combining both exam application and study options.
  • Preparing for the exam in a manner that aligns with your learning style(s). Consider multiple study options, including both individual and group preparation.
  • Taking advantage of HRCI Practice Exams to get comfortable with the pace and structure of the exam format.
  • Making a study plan and schedule that includes dates, times and places for good study habits. You should regularly check your study plan for progress and adjust your study time accordingly.

Great "HR reads" from HR Leaders

Warren G. BennisMichael E. Porter
Charles HandyC.K. Prahalad
Geert HofstedeEdgar Schein
MintzbergPeter M. Senge
Kenichi OhmaeDave Ulrich

Additional Online Resources

Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • Shadow or interview HR colleagues in areas where you could improve.
  • Create informal/formal mentoring relationships.
  • Refer to the Exam Content Outline to guide you in these conversations.