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How to Get Certified

Exam Content Outlines

The Exam Content Outline is the document or description of the complete set of concepts, tasks and the knowledge required to successfully understand and perform HR-related duties associated with each specific credential that the HR Certification Institute offers.

Every year, hundreds of volunteers representing all global geographic regions, industries and specialties in the HR profession contribute thousands of hours of time to HRCI. Each certification exam is built from the knowledge and competencies determined by these HR practitioners. Questions are peer reviewed for technical validity and applicability to current HR practice, and ensure that the examinations measure professional competency by requiring applicants to demonstrate their ability to apply knowledge on the job.

HR tasks and the knowledge needed to perform them are extensively researched and grouped into functional areas.

The final exam content (also known as the Exam Content Outline) is used by exam question writers and organizations that develop study/preparation materials for our HRCI certification exams. 

The Exam Content Outline for each certification is updated every five (5) to seven (7) years.

aPHR Exam Content Outline
PHR and SPHR Exam Content Outline
PHRca Exam Content Outline
GPHR Exam Content Outline
PHRi Exam Content Outline
SPHRi Exam Content Outline

Disclaimer: HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) does not endorse any particular preparation program or offering. We encourage prospective certification holders to use a variety of resources that reflect their learning styles and needs. Purchasing a certification preparation product is NOT required and HRCI does not guarantee that an individual will pass based on the purchase of a certification preparation product.