aPHR Preparation Overview

Preparing for exams can be overwhelming, especially when you don't know where to start. Fortunately, there are several options available that can assist you in the preparation of your aPHR exam.

There is no single preparation method that can meet every candidate's needs and we urge you to use a variety of tools and resources to enhance your understanding of general HR principles and HR exam content.

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Build Your Own Bundle

HRCI has packaged together an assortment of self-study exam preparation options – bundles to help you save time and money!

Keep in mind that you may only build your own bundle at the time of your exam application. Learn more about how to apply for an HRCI examination.

Application Fee: $100 (application fee is non-refundable)
Exam Fee: $300
aPHR Second Chance Test Insurance by HRCI (optional): $250

All aPHR® Prep Products

Product Name Format Price Bundled Price
NEW!  HRCI aPHR® Prep – powered by MindEdge $399.00 $349.00
HRCI aPHR™ Prep - powered by MindEdge is a comprehensive mobile-friendly self-paced online course for the Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR™) certification exam. Founded by Harvard and MIT educators in 1998, MindEdge has served over two million learners. Key features for this course include real world case studies, exam-taking tips, a detailed diagnostic test, practice questions at the end of each module, and a full-length,125-question practice exam. Over 300 practice questions address the six knowledge areas covered in the aPHR™ exam. MindEdge also offers the opportunity to "Ask the Expert." You can submit your questions directly to an expert in the field. Questions are normally answered within 24 hours.

NEW!  aPHR® Practice Exam by HRCI $50.00 $45.00
Test your aPHR knowledge with an online practice exam. The aPHR Online Practice Exam comes with two modes - Exam Mode and Practice Mode. Use Exam Mode to test your exam readiness with a timed, 50 question practice exam followed by a score report showing your performance in each HR content area. Then, go back and review your weakest content areas in Practice Mode which comes with detailed question rationales. Reset and retake the practice exam and questions as many times as you'd like. Once you access the practice exams, you have up to 180 days to use it repeatedly by erasing the answers. Afterwards, the login/access is invalidated. No refunds will be issued for this product

NEW!  aPHR® HR Prep powered by BenchPrep $399.00 $329.00

aPHR® HR Prep powered by BenchPrep is the most comprehensive online and mobile self-study aPHR exam preparation program. This course includes a personalized study plan with daily goals, 1,500+ flashcards, detailed reports highlighting strengths and weaknesses in each HR functional area, 700+ functional area specific practice questions, including a full length practice exam, and more. No additional materials need to be purchased for this course.

With over 6 million users worldwide, BenchPrep software is recognized as an expert in learner success globally and delivers an unmatched experience that has resulted in an HRCI certification exam pass rate for learners that is 16% higher than average.

NEW!  aPHR® Study System by Distinctive HR $319.00 $285.00

The aPHR™ Study System from Distinctive HR, Inc. is a stand-alone, complete prep program that offers state-of-the-art learning tools that includes: audio CDs, study manual, digital flashcards, 1,000+ practice questions, online learning tools including skits and topic lectures... all for an affordable price. To learn more, click here.

NEW!  aPHR® Study Materials: Print & Online Edition with Audio by HRCP $305.00 $275.00

The 2021 aPHR Certification Preparation Program: Print AND Online Edition includes:

• 400+ pages of content covering the six functional areas tested on the exam; includes both the Print AND Online Edition
• 300+ flashcards; provided in both print and electronic formats
• 15 assessments/600+ practice questions: The seven practice assessments include a pre-test and assessments for each of the six functional areas with answers, feedback, and references. The eight timed assessments include assessments for each of the six functional areas and two Full-Length Comprehensive assessments showing your score and a breakdown of performance in each area
• an Audio Reader as part of the Online Books; internet connection required
• the Guide for Successful Exam Preparation, an online book, which includes study and test taking tips
• an Index and Key Terms in Print Edition; search feature in Online Edition
• sample study schedules available on HRCP’s website at https://www.hrcp.com/study_schedules/

** Your order through HRCI will be sent to HRCP for fulfilment. This can take 1-2 business days. Once HRCP receives your order they will email you the tracking number and instructions on accessing the online materials and assessments. Orders are shipped via UPS who will not deliver to a PO BOX. Please provide a physical shipping address. Once your order has shipped, HRCP will email the tracking number and instructions on accessing the online materials. Note: Materials purchased through HRCI are subject to HRCI’s return policy and are not eligible for HRCP’s “You Pass or Your Money Back” guarantee.

NEW!  aPHR® Certification Preparation Class by HR.com - LIVE $775.00 $775.00

HR.com has been a leading provider of HR certification prep courses for many years, and consistently achieves a 93% exam pass rate among course participants under our unbeatable MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. This virtual, live instructor-led course is specifically designed to successfully ensure you pass your aPHR exam. The preparatory course includes 20+ hours of interactive online instruction, a study manual containing the six bodies of knowledge that make up the aPHR exam, 100s of quick-testing flashcards, over 400 practice exam questions, and access to instructors for questions and coaching outside of class - all backed by our money-back guarantee. You pass your exam or your money back!

The HR.com preparations course is based on the HRCP courseware (included with the course), which proudly publishes updated manuals each year that are reflective of your upcoming exam. Participants also receive access to HR.com's exclusive learning platform for 2 years with access to course recordings and additional weekly coaching sessions.

All HR.com course instructors are certified HR professionals and have extensive work experience in adult education, particularly in human resources and certification exam prep. Instructors provide interactive lectures weekly, and can be reached outside of class times for personal guidance and mentoring.
Courses currently available:
  • 5/10/2021 - 7/14/2021 ((Mondays & Wednesdays), 8-9:00pm ET/ 5-6:00pm PT)
  • 6/8/2021 - 8/12/2021 ((Tuesdays & Thursdays), 8-9:00pm ET/ 5-6:00pm PT)