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Exam Preparation

Online Assessments

The Online Assessment Exams are practice exams that will help you assess readiness to take the certification exam.  The assessments offer exposure to the style and types of questions on the certification exam and replicate exam conditions before actually taking the exam. 

The Online Assessment Exams use questions that are no longer being used on the HR certification exams. Both the online assessments and the certification exam contain the same percentage of questions from each content area.  The time allotted is proportional to the time allotted for the actual certification exam.

When the Online Assessment Exam is completed, an overall score (the sum of the content-area scores) is provided along with the number and percentage of questions answered correctly (the percentage of questions answered correctly in each content area and the minimum percentage of questions that must be answered correctly to receive a passing score). Answers to individual questions are not provided.

Although your score on the Online Assessment Exam does not guarantee a similar outcome on the certification exam, it does indicate your readiness to take the certification exam. We will permanently store your score on each Online Assessment Exam. You can retrieve your score at any time at no charge.

HRBP/HRMP Credential Readiness Assessment (CRA)

A Credential Readiness Assessment (CRA) is optional for both the HRBP and HRMP exams and is administered upon completion of registration and payment for the exam.  Instructions on completing the Credential Readiness Assessment are provided once confirmation of registration and payment are received.  Similar to the online assessments for the other exams, the CRA will assess your readiness to take the HRBP or HRMP exams.  A report on your areas of strength and weakness is provided to assist in developing a study plan.