Eugene Dilan Headshot

Dr. Eugene Dilán

Founder and CEO, DILAN Consulting

A nationally ranked San Francisco based consultancy that specializes in Organizational Development, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Executive Coaching and Change Management. He is also a regular contributor to and is the past President and Board Chair of the Northern California HR Association as well as a former President of California Psychological Association’s Division III for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Consulting.


Dr. Dilán is a California licensed clinical psychologist who combines over 25 years of international consulting, including on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, with the unique perspective that comes from being a 1st generation New York-rican who speaks English, Spanish, basic German, basic Italian and enough Japanese to get into trouble. Dr. Dilán is a strong believer that whatever industry you’re in or wherever you operate, fundamentally Business is Human® and that means that building human connections is an essential building block to building great teams and high performing organizations.