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Oct 27, 2020 | Chris Scandlen, HRCI Chief Information Officer

7 New HR Tech Platforms Worth a Second Look

As your workforce and processes continue to evolve, you need HR tech that can keep pace with those changes. 

This time of year is when many HR tech vendors unveil their latest features, with the HR Technology Conference and Exposition being one of the top places to learn what’s new. This year, the event is virtual and free to attend, creating new opportunities to research and compare products while getting real-time answers to your specific questions from vendors.

In advance of the show Oct. 27-30, 2020, the experts at Human Resource Executive® and the program chair of HR Tech released their curated list of Top HR Products for 2020

These platforms are designed to support your digital transformation, including payroll, remote hiring, and workforce planning and development. Here are seven of our favorites from this year’s list.

ADP’s Next Gen Pay

Payroll is perhaps the most critical of HR functions, but it’s often overlooked in conversations about innovation and disruption. Next Gen Pay is ADP’s answer to the most complex payroll challenges, delivering a global payroll platform that gives organizations and employees transparency into how people are being paid and how employment and lift changes will affect take-home pay.

Cornerstone Skills Graph

Reskilling is critical to workforce planning. Cornerstone Skills Graph supports strategic workforce reskilling and features 53,000 skills pulled from across all industries. The platform leverages sophisticated artificial intelligence to determine the skills your workforce will need tomorrow — so you can plan today.


PILOT’s software-based employee coaching utilizes automated technology to support workforce development. Employees can customize their areas of development and work on their growth in snackable, mobile-friendly bites.


Moodtracker is a free employee pulse survey solution from WorkHuman that empowers employers to identify and recommend ways to improve company culture, productivity and retention. The tool allows for an unlimited number of respondents and surveys. 

Workforce Insights

Using gamified, behavioral science-based assessment tools, Workforce Insights from Pymetrics shows you how to unlock your workforce’s unique capabilities. Employees will love the streamlined dashboard, gamified assessments, and their personalized trait report, and you’ll love the comprehensive insight into your workforce’s skills DNA.


Blending human capital with automation isn’t easy. WorkVue from Willis Towers Watson gives you a leg up on the process by using AI to help you reimagine roles in conjunction with automation. It’s like having a crystal ball to peer into the future, see the impact technology will have on any position, and reinvent your workforce to flourish in the digital age.


Embrace the distinctly human aspects of work with Pluto, a workforce analytics and communication platform with a particular emphasis on creating diverse and equitable workplaces. This platform offers anonymous communication between employees and leadership, and Pluto’s powerful analytics show you a path forward as you build an equitable culture.

Check out these platforms and more at the HR Technology Conference and Expo.