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Mar 28, 2019 | Teria Mahoney

Why We’re Shining a Light on Professional Development

We all want recognition. It’s a basic human need. We want people to recognize our hard work, our dedication, our growth and our passion.

That’s why here at HRCI, we created the Shine Campaign. It’s an opportunity for us to shine a spotlight on our credential holders, those dedicated professionals committed to lifelong learning and professional development. 

This social media campaign asks that people do just two things: submit your photo and your testimonial about why you pursued your HRCI certification and use the hashtag #HRCIShine.

“We wanted to shine a spotlight on our people to show the benefits of certification,” says Teria Mahoney, HRCI’s digital marketing manager. “We wanted to focus on real people with real stories,” she says. 

Launched March 1, the program offers individuals the opportunity to share their story and tell why they are passionate about their credentials. “Our people are very passionate about their credentials,” says Mahoney. “We wanted to give them an opportunity to share their story of how their credential has made a difference, professionally and personally, in their lives.”

Here are three reasons we wanted to highlight our amazing credential holders. 

Learn Their Unique Stories

All of our credential holders come from unique backgrounds and have different stories to tell about their professional journey. We wanted to highlight the diversity of these stories within HR and business management.

Lance Anderson, one participant in the campaign says, “I was first certified in 5/01. Just recertified at age 70. Without a masters degree, certifications are critical to advance beyond entry level.” His response highlights that many individuals continue to recertify throughout their career as they progress on their career path.

And we have people around the globe earning HRCI certifications to keep their skills up-to-date in a global marketplace. Krishnan Bangarusamy, says, “I’m based at Bangalore, India, with a passion for Human Resources and Development! [The GPHR] gave me exposure to unique global HR methods in the U.S., Canada, China, UK, Australia and the European Union.” 
This campaign is an opportunity to highlight the diversity of experiences of people in the HR world and recognize the amazing accomplishments that they bring to the industry. 

Highlight a Passion for Professional Development

Our people are passionate about professional development. This campaign puts a spotlight on individuals who are committed to lifelong learning and who are driven to continually acquire new skills and knowledge.

“For me, being an HRCI-certified HR Professional shows my dedication to my profession,” says Christie Partee. “It shows to my colleagues and contacts that I’ve taken the extra step to validate my experience and keep my knowledge current.” 

Michele Kenney agrees. “Having credentials in your field shows your dedication and continued interest in remaining at the top of your game,” she says. 

Highlighting Our Brand Ambassadors

We also want to highlight our brand ambassadors, the individuals who are champions of HRCI’s certifications because they have seen how impactful getting a certification has been for their own personal and professional growth. They champion our values -- passion, commitment and dedication to lifelong professional growth. 

“Earning my PHR certification has opened the doors to my career in HR! Now that I’ve obtained my Masters ... the next stop is my SPHR!,” says Erica Richardson. She includes the hashtag #neverstoplearning” in her response. We agree!

Share your story on how your credential has elevated you professionally and personally on social media and don’t forget to use the #HRCIShine hashtag in your post. Your photo will be featured on our website at