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May 5, 2018 | Tim Lemke, HRCI Staff Writer

HRCI Top 10 Blog Posts From the First Quarter of 2018

HR Certification Institute is proud to offer useful and insightful content to help HR professionals expand their knowledge and advance their careers.

Here’s a look at the most popular blog posts from HRCI during the first quarter of 2018. Thanks for reading!

5 Essential Tips for Earning Your PHR or SPHR From HRCI

HR consultant Sandra Reed offers tips on how to prepare for the rigorous HRCI exams.

What's Next? Disruptions in HR

Professors and HR management guru Dave Ulrich provides eight ways that HR could be disrupted in the future.

9 Competencies for HR Excellence Emerge

An in-depth look at the new book, Victory Through Organization, a which analyzes 4,000 survey responses to glean insights into human resource management.

Making Onboarding a Positive First Experience

Most companies forget that recruiting a new hire doesn’t stop at his or her start date. It’s critical to invest in effective onboarding—something that isn’t just a week-long orientation, but more like a 12-month intentional process.

Snow Days Require Clear HR Policies and Expectations

While a classic refrain of a wintertime classic about how cold weather can warm our hearts, snow and icy weather, for human resource managers, can also mean lost business productivity and employee confusion.

Searching for the Perfect Employee? 7 Ways to Find One

Finding the perfect addition to your company starts with a detailed, accurately-written job description. This sets the tone for what employees will be looking for, and what types of candidates will apply. 

How to Become a CHRO

So, you want to rise to the top as a human resource management leader. But what does it take to make it to the ranks of a Chief Human Resource Officer?

Uber: A Case for Making HR a Priority -- From Day One

Examining lessons from the allegations of sexism and harassment at the fledgling rideshare company.

Certification Exam Anxiety? HRCI Second Chance to the Rescue!

Second Chance Insurance from HRCI is one way to help you overcome test anxiety. And it can also help you save money if, on your first try, you don’t succeed and need a second attempt to get over the hump.

Design Thinking: New Applications for HR

Karrie Sullivan, founder of WorkWorks, outlines a creative approach to problem solving that leads to innovative solutions that work better for people. 


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