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Nov 1, 2017 | John Lunde, HRCI Chief Business Development Officer

Make Your Organization Part of the HRCI and Professional Development Community

Most readers of this blog are familiar with HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) credentials as a professional development plus. Many HR leaders, too, hire only HRCI-credentialed practitioners for their proven organizational impact.

There are still other, perhaps lesser known ways, to become part of the HRCI community. Consider making your HR organization part of our Certification Preparation Provider program to help HR professionals earn credentials. Or, if so inclined, become a Approved Provider, where our community of credential holders go to for HRCI-approved recertification credits.

Become an HRCI Certification Preparation Provider

Becoming a Certification Preparation Provider is an excellent opportunity for qualified organizations to earn additional revenue and give back to the development of the HR community. By offering professional development opportunities, you can elevate your organization’s brand and recognition by aligning with HRCI.

HRCI already has a robust Certification Preparation Provider network, an essential part of the HRCI ecosystem to help candidates get ready for the rigorous HRCI exam and certification process. HRCI is looking to continue the expansion of it exam preparation network – including classroom and online training options – to encompass more geographic locations and delivery capabilities worldwide.

Check out the opportunities that are now available in the HRCI Certification Preparation Provider Directory.

Become an HRCI Continuing Education Provider

Likewise, joining the rich HRCI Approved Provider network puts your organization in front of thousands of credentialed HR professionals who must earn recertification credits to maintain their certifications. Whether your organization has one educational program or many, becoming a Continuing Education Provider is a great way to fill seats ― even virtual seats ― and attract HR practitioners.

Check out the HRCI Approved Provider Directory to see which organizations are already part of the HRCI community of professional development.

As you’ll see, there is a vast network of HR expertise and guidance from universities, HR associations, preparation instructors and many others who want to make people and organizations better through excellence in HR.

If you think your organization would like to join this rich HR community, don’t hesitate to contact me at