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May 19, 2017 | Barry Lawrence, MBA, HRCI Staff Writer

Certification Exam Anxiety? HRCI Second Chance Insurance to the Rescue!

Test anxiety is real, whether you are just starting out in school or you are an HR professional taking your first exam to earn a credential from HR Certification Institute (HRCI).

Second Chance Insurance from HRCI is one way to help you overcome test anxiety. And it can also help you save money if, on your first try, you don’t succeed and need a second attempt to get over the hump.

Here’s how it works: To select HRCI Second Chance Insurance as an option, it must be purchased at the same time you submit your exam application online. At $250, Second Chance Insurance is much cheaper than having to pay a second exam fee to retake the same test.

HRCI certification exams are rigorous and, often, two times is the charm. Many people fall just short of passing on their first attempt and hesitate to try again because of cost. But with Second Chance Insurance, you get a do-over.

It may also be just the thing, ironically, to reduce the pressure you feel on the first exam attempt.  Being relaxed and maintaining a positive attitude are important for any difficult challenge. With Second Chance Insurance in your back pocket, and plenty of HR experience and preparation going into the test center, you may feel less anxious about your performance. It may be just the thing to put you over the top.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Be prepared. There are all kinds of certification preparation materials you can use to help you get ready for the exam and learn about HR competency areas where you may need some extra study time. HRCI exams are very comprehensive, measuring all aspects of functional competency required for an HR generalist. If you’re weak on compensation and benefits, for example, you may have to spend more time on that functional area.
  • Trust your HR experience. Many of the HRCI questions are “scenario-based,” meaning you have to rely on expertise and sound HR judgement to choose the right answer. If you have solid HR experience, and the certification exam is the right fit for your level of experience, you should have little trouble with these questions.
  • Develop good test-taking skills. HR exams are multiple-choice. Practice exams can also be purchased to help you get familiar with the exam format and the kinds of questions you will see.
  • Stay positive. As stated above, negative thinking and anxiety will only make your exam experience harder.
  • Stay healthy. Get enough sleep the night before your test and be sure to continue to exercise and eat healthy meals prior to exam day.
  • Relax. If you feel stressed during the exam, take deep, slow breaths and relax your muscles. This will help you recharge and refocus on the exam.

To learn more about the many preparation options and Second Chance Insurance, see the HRCI Exam Preparation Resources. Good luck on your continued professional development journey!

Disclaimer: HRCI does not endorse any particular preparation method, program or offering. You are encouraged to use a variety of methods and resources to best reflect you learning style and needs. Purchasing Second Chance Insurance or a certification preparation product is not required and HRCI does not guarantee that an individual will pass based on the purchase of Second Chance Insurance or a certification preparation product.