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Feb 28, 2017 | Gloria Martinez, Founder of

Women: 3 Tips to Move Up in Your Company

The vision of making 2017 your best year yet is currently sitting at the top of your list of priorities. This is your year to live up to your fullest potential and go for everything your heart desires ― including a promotion at work. Climbing the corporate ladder as a woman is no easy feat, but no one said it couldn’t be done! If you’ve got a promotion on the brain, then here are some helpful tips to help you get ahead.

Make Yourself Visible

The only way your boss will know that you’ve been eyeing that promotion is if you speak up and say it. Don’t rely on your work ethic alone to get you noticed; make it known that you intend to move up in the company, then tweak your plan of action to get there. Make sure you track your accomplishments and get credit for every task that you complete.

Now is the time to separate yourself from the pack and allow your talents and skills to really shine. If you are normally the type to make a beeline straight to your desk in the mornings, start taking the time to stop and have conversations with your coworkers and higher-ups. Develop the skills of a team player, but also learn how to stand firmly on your own.

Bulk Up Your Skill Set

Once you make the decision to go after a promotion, obtain a copy of the job description for the position you’re looking to fill. Look for ways to strategically add to your current areas of expertise. A well-thought-out plan that will reveal your value to your boss as well as the company will definitely help maximize your efforts to be promoted.

Be sure to brush up on your non-technical soft skills as well: skills such as problem solving, creative thinking and effective communication will not go unnoticed, and will establish you as someone who is quick on her feet. The ability to handle any situation as it arises will draw focus to you and your ability to work well under pressure. This will also more than likely make you the go-to person amongst your colleagues, which is definitely worthy of a nod.

Develop Mentoring Relationships

When you are seeking to move up in the workplace, it is important that you foster relationships with those who are in or above the position you would like to fill. Make it a point to shadow them and take note of the attributes that help them excel at their job. Mentors will also offer valuable advice from a place of experience that will in turn help you navigate through the ropes.

Additionally, from a strong relationship with your mentor may come a solid recommendation that will aid you in scoring that promotion. As the saying goes, “It’s not always what you know, but who you know.” Don't rely solely on who you know in the workforce to push you higher, but do spend time nurturing good, kosher business relationships.

These 3 solid tips will definitely assist you in your journey up the corporate ladder. You've already made the decision to move up, so now it’s time to execute a plan and work diligently until you receive that promotion. Let this be the year that your work rewards you and your talent shines through the roof. Go get that promotion, girl — as a matter of fact, it’s already yours!