Aligning the Workforce with Business Objectives


More than ever, organizations must align their workforce with their strategic business plans. Recent studies have indicated a level of misalignment between an organization’s strategic direction and how these are reflected in the organization’s mission and vision.

An important step to address this is to provide employees with a clear understanding of how their daily contributions impact the work culture and the organizational goals.

Many organizations make the mistake of relying heavily on technology. While technology is essential, it is not the total solution. Elaborate technology without employee buy-in will not reinforce the desired behaviors and mindsets that align with business objectives.  

HR plays a critical role in ensuring that talent and workforce needs are addressed in a solid organizational strategy. Factors to consider are job security, hiring the right people and talent, fair performance-based compensation, on-the-job training and timely communication.

Building such an HR strategic plan can help in developing a comprehensive and long-term plan to ensure organizations have the capacity to pivot and deliver, while relying on internal talent combined with the use of cutting-edge technology.


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 —Amy Dufrane, Ed.D., SPHR, CAE


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