From the Desk of the CEO : Achieve Business Success by Humanizing Your Organization


Last week, HRCI proudly hosted our fifth virtual summit: Higher Standard - Making an Impact: Strategic Partnerships and Organizational Alignment for HR Professionals. This was a three-day well attended event featuring speakers sharing their expertise with an international network of HRCI-certified professionals. I would like to share some of the key takeaways from the event:

  • Erin Corr Miller, Chief People Officer, Lulu Press, discussed her experience in all aspects of building cultures of belonging that focused on diversity and inclusion practices. We learned about the lifelong process – the concept of Allyship – that builds relationships based on trust, consistency, and accountability. Ally status can be earned by doing the following: get curious, know your blind spots, share the floor and take action!
  • Gerard van Grinsven, CEO & Founder, The van Grinsven Hospitality Group, shared his experiences on humanizing your organization by practicing listening, collaboration, respect and compassion with your fellow coworkers. People are the most important aspect of your organization and leadership is challenged to closing the gap between potential and realized talent. He advocated through his Blue Ocean leadership that offers higher value at lower cost through an Engage – Innovate – Grow strategy.
  • May Snowden, President and CEO, Snowden & Associates, Inc., emphasized strategic and tactical initiatives that relate to the implementation of Global Diversity and Inclusion policies and plans. She offered “The 5 Layers of Diversity,” representing internal, external, organizational and cultural dimensions to help leaders. She wants you to “Make the Most of the Mix” by unifying around a common goal without uniformity in thinking

The combination of these views emphasized the value of having a solid Human Resource Management strategy that can create a sustainable culture of business success. Reinforcing the need for a strategic partnership and alignment between HR and the workforce. This will foster diversity and inclusion that results in successful and thriving business outcomes .


Keep on Learning!

 —Amy Dufrane, Ed.D., SPHR, CAE


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