3 Goals for Embracing Continuous Learning

As a self-described learning junkie, I’ve always embraced the excitement of choosing courses and setting a study schedule. But for HR professionals, that excitement isn’t confined. It can’t be: circumstances and people practices are always evolving, and to do what’s best for our workforces it’s imperative that we keep our HR knowledge up-to-date. Developing habits of continuous learning isn’t easy. We’re pulled in several directions in our daily practice, from administering payroll to developing new performance management systems to advising the C-suite on people strategies. But without a commitment to continuous learning, we risk losing track of what’s going on outside our company — and how it impacts our people. Here are three goals you can set this week to develop your habit of continuous learning.

  • Learn something new every day. Start off small. Try reading one HR-related article each morning, like those on our blog, HR Leads Business while you begin your morning routine. If you’re more of a visual learner, find an HR webinar like Alchemizing HR to watch or to attend live. Taking the time to learn one new thing each day builds a habit of curiosity and builds a repertoire of knowledge.
  • Interact with your peers in HR. The pandemic is an ongoing tragedy, but it has fostered a greater sense of community among HR professionals. Navigating the continued impact COVID restrictions sent us to each other for advice and best practices. Don’t lose that sense of community. Follow five HR influencers on LinkedIn or Twitter each week. Jump in and contribute to one of their conversations, or ask a question of your own to engage your peers.
  • Take an online HR course. Self-guided learning and learning by interacting with others help us stay focused, but it’s a good idea to bring formal classes into our routine, too. Set a quarterly learning goal. Can you complete one course by the end of this quarter? Talk to your supervisor about covering the cost, and ask to tie the course’s learning outcomes to your performance management goals. Check out the HRCI Learning Center to find the right course for you!