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Recertification Resources

Recertification Webinars 
  Recertification: How to earn On-the-Job Credits

This presentation details the importance and process of recertification. You can review this presentation while listening to our archived webinar hosted by our recertification team.
Recertification Handbook
Any question you have about recertification is answered  in our Recertification Handbook. You will find information on when to recertify, what type of activities count towards recertification, and how to apply before your recertification end date. 

Get Recertified The Low Cost Way
Use this flier to assist you in finding eligible recertification activities that are at little or no cost to you. There are many of HR activities you can participate in to earn your recertification credits needed without spending a great deal. 

Learn About Submitting Your Recertification Activities

Review our Step by Step Guide to submitting recertification activities

Watch our Step by Step Video to submitting recertification activities

Find details about Recertification Activity Documentation

Recertification Workflow
This step-by-step resource covers the recertification process from beginning to application approval. Your one-stop summary and tips for completing each step successfully.

Recertification Video