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Exam Preparation

Sample Exam Questions

Test Your Knowledge

Test Your Knowledge quizzes are a series of practice questions that will show you the type of questions you can find on the PHR®, SPHR®, GPHR® and California certification exams. These simple, quick and free quizzes are available for you to "test out" the type of questions you will encounter on our certification exam(s) and can help you:

  • decide which HR certification exam is best suited for you 
  • become more comfortable with the style of questions on the HR certification exams
  • learn the logic behind the correct answer 

We developed quiz questions in the same way that we develop questions for the actual HR certification exams. For each quiz question, we provide the correct answer and the rationale behind the correct answer. At the end of each question, you will find the coding that will link the question to the exam content that it relates to.

Some quiz questions may appear to have more than one choice that is technically correct. The same holds true for the actual exams' questions. The questions are designed this way to assess HR knowledge. Few actual work experiences present one possible answer. In fact, every day, HR professionals must wade through a variety of possible solutions and choose the best possible one. Therefore, the questions you find on our HR certification exams must assess not just your ability to recall facts, but also your ability to apply them. This requires a level of experience-based practical HR knowledge. 

For a more detailed evaluation of your level of readiness to take one our HR certification exams, consider our Online Assessment Exams.

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HR Certification Institute Certification Guides

In addition to Online Assessments and Test Your Knowledge quizzes, you can purchase thorough study guides that explain the HR certification process and how to prepare for an exam. Most importantly, the guides provide a practice exam, which is based on the exam content. They also include the correct answers and the rationale behind each answer.
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Cert Guide Cover_CA     
    Cert Guide Cover_HRMP   
    Cert Guide Cover_HRBP