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The HR Certification Institute does not require or recommend any one particular preparation method, school or organization.

Our exams are based on generally accepted HR principles. Preparing for a certification exam is not about memorization of information. Be critical and ask questions to ensure that you understand the material you are studying.

Start by asking the question: How do you learn best? Organize your preparation according to your learning style. Investing more time on preparation often pays off. Certified HR Professionals who are more prepared are more likely to be successful.

Use a variety of resources while preparing for the exam. There is no single best preparation method. Using multiple resources ensures that you understand the generally accepted HR principles. Below are resources that candidates have most frequently recommended as materials that have helped them to be successful.

Our rigorous exams are primarily experience-based. Candidates must meet certain criteria in order to take our exams.

Eligibility Requirements by Exam

Professional in Human Resources (PHR®)

Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR®)

Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR®)

California Designation (PHR-CA®/SPHR-CA®)

* Human Resource Business Professional (HRBPSM)

* Human Resource Management Professional (HRMP℠)

* Please note, the HRMP is only available to candidates outside of the United States. HRMP candidates also must demonstrate knowledge of local employment law as a part of exam eligibility requirements.

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Please visit our common questions section, for quick answers to the most common questions about HR certification, eligibility requirements, and the exam application process.


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